Terms and Conditions

To use Muslim Nannies™ online platform or Muslim Nannies LLC (both terms are effective for this agreement), you accept and understand the terms and conditions set forth therein, along with the Privacy Policy and agree to legally abide by them. If you do not agree or understand, access to Muslim Nannies™ online platform is restricted and you may not use this site. Lastly, by using Muslim Nannies™ online platform you agree that you were able to access the terms and conditions/privacy policy and had the chance to accept or decline them.

The terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy are subject to change at anytime. We will update the site when these changes occur for your review. We encourage you to check Muslim Nannies™ online platform for any updates or changes. Once the changes are published, they immediately take effect. By your continued use of the site, you are agreeing to the updates. If you don’t agree with the updates, you must terminate your account and immediately cease use of the site.

Background Check Disclaimer

You acknowledge that the depth of information collected by Muslim Nannies™ Background Check Provider varies among sources and Muslim Nannies™ or the Provider cannot act as an insurer or guarantor of the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the data. You also understand that there are limitations to Background Checks such as it may vary by jurisdiction, may not capture a person’s complete criminal history, and may be limited as required by federal and state law. For example, certain records may not be reported if they backdate more than seven years, and some states have different reporting requirements.

Background Check Reports

You agree to use the Background Check Report of a Candidate only in compliance with all applicable local, state, federal and international laws, rules, regulations or requirements, including, but not limited to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (“FACTA”) and applicable state and local laws and regulations.

The background check will cover:
National Criminal Database
National Sex Offender Registry
Social Security Number Verification
Maiden Name Search
Address History Check

Background & Reference Check Request

You understand that included with your monthly subscription, Muslim Nannies™ can run one basic background and one reference check on only one candidate the user is interested in. For any additional candidate(s), you agree to a $15 service charge per basic background check and a $15 service charge per reference check. If you do not run any check within any given billing cycle, the checks do not rollover to the next cycle.
If you would like to run an extensive background check, you agree to discuss with Muslim Nannies and pay the associated costs. Extensive background checks include what is covered in the basic check, along with options such as:
Driving History
Employment Verification
County Civil Litigation
Federal Civil Litigation
County Search
State Search
Education Verification


To use Muslim Nannies™ online platform, users must be 18 years of age of older and reside in the United States of America. If found that a user provided fraudulent information, they will automatically be removed from the site. All users are responsible for knowing the laws specific to their state in regards to child care and/or care services.

Non Discriminatory Statement

You understand that Muslim Nannies™ Online Platform is an equal opportunity service and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, veteran status, physical or mental disability and any other categories protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

User Conduct

Users are responsible for providing accurate and truthful information in regards to all aspects of their use of Muslim Nannies™ online platform. All content must be written in English as Muslim Nannies™ does not support any other language. All users are responsible for what they post on this site or what they may communicate to others on this site. All types of offensive, profane, sexual, racially offensive, copy written, or illegal material is prohibited from being posted on this site. By posting on Muslim Nannies™ online platform you are representing you have the authority to post and all information is accurate and true.

If a user is found to have violated these terms, Muslim Nannies™ has the right to remove content without the discretion of the user. Removal of content is the sole right of Muslim Nannies™; especially content that is illegal, harmful, or may threaten the safety or others, users of this site and mnannies.com in general.

By using Muslim Nannies™ online platform, users agree to give Muslim Nannies™ the right to use their content to prepare communications. Users also agree that all content is their own and does not violate the rights of any third party.

Muslim Nannies™ is not responsible for copy written, inaccurate or false information provided by users or any claims associated therewith.

All users are responsible for all activity on their accounts and represent that they are who they say they are when using their accounts. Users are not allowed to impersonate someone else.

All users are held responsible for making sure their account passwords and information are kept confidential. All users will contact Muslim Nannies™ immediately in the event of unauthorized usage of their accounts or any other forms of breach of security.

Prohibited Uses

This site is only available for individual users or families looking for Nannies or Sitters and/or Nannies or Sitters looking for work and may not be used by other organizations or persons interested in recruiting for another website, advertising, solicitations, employment opportunities, contracting or for any other permission without written permission from mnannies.com.

Users will not collect information of other users such as phone numbers and email addresses (unless obtained with intentions to hire or seek to be hired), job listings, copy written text, profiles, mis-using site content, and obtaining content from this site without written permission from Muslim Nannies™.

Users will not attempt to re-register with Muslim Nannies™ online platform if they were terminated before.

Users will not upload or provide links to malicious content that will damage or disable Muslim Nannies™ or another user’s computer/browser or other devices or systems.

Users will not scrape Muslim Nannies™ site, service or misuse data.

Users will not use another users account.

Users will provide accurate information on their accounts.

Users will not harass, abuse, threaten, defame, or offend other users or groups.

If evidence arises or it is found that this section has been ignored, violated or misused, Muslim Nannies™ has the right to terminate your account and charge a daily fee of $1000 to those offender(s) who are guilty of scraping, and/or recruiting. Muslim Nannies™ has the right to seek other courses of action applicable by law at their discretion for the listed violations.


Some services on Muslim Nannies™ online platform are free of charge, but others require subscriptions or fees. Along with paying the fees, users must also pay local and state sales tax associated with the fees.


If you decide to obtain a subscription with Muslim Nannies™ online platform, you are required to pay all fees associated with your membership plan. You are required to pay for fees of other services or products you select outside of their membership provided by Muslim Nannies™. You give Muslim Nannies™ the right to charge your card on file for your fees. You will be prompted to re-enter your card information if not saved prior.

Automatic Renewal

Muslim Nannies™ will automatically charge you for monthly subscriptions unless you cancel. If you cancel your subscription mid month, services will be rendered until the end of that month, without a refund. You must cancel at least 3 business days before your next billing date. The billing date will occur every 30 days from the date of your first charge.


Muslim Nannies™ does not provide credits or refunds for purchases unless the error is made by Muslim Nannies™.


Any controversy or claim arising from or related to the use or provision of the services, or the terms and conditions, shall be settled by binding arbitration in accordance with the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”). Should any discrepancy exist between the AAA standards and this document, the terms of this provision shall control the arbitration unless the arbitrator deems the application of the terms would result in unfair arbitration. Arbitration shall further be enforced in accordance with the Federal Arbitration Act.

Arbitration shall be conducted before a single arbitrator chosen by Muslim Nannies. Both the User and Muslim Nannies shall expressly waive any entitlement to have a claim, harm, loss, controversy, or suit heard before a court or jury. The arbitrator shall base their decisions on evidence presented, governing law, and the terms of use. The arbitrator will issue a written decision containing their findings, conclusions, and any awards entitled. The arbitrator’s decision shall be final and binding upon all parties. All arbitration shall be on an individual basis, and shall not be consolidated with any other arbitration. This representative action waiver may be severed if it would otherwise render terms of use or arbitration unenforceable.
The arbitration shall be conducted in the state of Virginia, MD or Washington, DC (chosen by Muslim Nannies). The User agrees to submit himself, herself, or itself to the personal jurisdiction of the State of Virginia, MD or Washington,DC. Muslim Nannies is not responsible for any costs that user may occur in the arbitration process.

To commence an arbitration against Muslim Nannies, you must complete a Demand for Arbitration form located at www.adr.org, submit it to the AAA, and send an electronic copy to Muslim Nannies at:

Subject: Attn: Legal Department
Email: support@mnannies.com

Or mail to:
Attn: Legal Department
Muslim Nannies
1775 Tysons Blvd
5th floor
Tysons, VA 22102

For more information, see the AAA’s claim filing page, http://www.adr.org/fileacaseIndemnification

By agreeing to these Terms, users of the Site and Services agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless mnannies.com and its Affiliates from and against any and all claims, losses, expenses or demands of liability, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by mnannies.com and its Affiliates in connection with any claim by a third party (including an intellectual property claim) arising out of (i) materials and content you submit, post or transmit through the Site, or (ii) use of the Site or Services by you in violation of these Terms of Use or in violation of any applicable law. Users further agree that they will cooperate as reasonably required in the defense of such claims. Mnannies.com and its Affiliates reserve the right, at their own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by users, and users shall not, in any event, settle any claim or matter without the written consent of mnannies.com. Users further agree to hold harmless mnannies.com and its Affiliates from any claim arising from a third party’s use of information or materials of any kind that users post to the Site.


Muslim Nannies™ online platform do it yourself service connects families or those seeking care to those who can provide care. By using this site, you understand that Muslim Nannies™ does not endorse, employ or recommend any provider or seeker on this site and is not responsible for omissions, does not warrant the quality of care provided by any Muslim Nannies™ online platform user or their performance or conduct. Muslim Nannies™ does however interview, check references and run basic background checks on each care provider that is accepted to use our site. However, Muslim Nannies™ encourages families to do their own screening as well. Therefore, users are solely responsible for screening and hiring candidates and will not hold Muslim Nannies™ liable in the event of injuries, losses, harm, deceit, claims, or lawsuits.

In conclusion by using Muslim Nannies™ online platform you are doing so at your own risk and are responsible for any interactions or connections you make. You agree to fully indemnify, release, discharge and hold harmless Muslim Nannies™, its directors, officers, employees, representatives, advertisers, partners, contractors and its successors from any and all claims, actions, losses, liabilities, damages and expenses for investigation or attorney’s fees arising out of, or in any way related to, this Agreement, including any personal injury or property damage whether such liabilities, claims or demands arise out of the negligent acts of Muslim Nannies™ or from some other cause. If Muslim Nannies™ is named as a defendant in a lawsuit involving any user, or any other person, arising out of theirs or your negligence, malfeasance, nonfeasance or willful misconduct, the User agrees to indemnify Muslim Nannies™ and pay all of Muslim Nannies™ costs and attorney’s fees.

Terminating User Account

If found to have disregarded our terms and conditions or any of our services, Muslim Nannies™ has the right to terminate your account with or without notice and any fees/subscriptions paid are nonrefundable.
Muslim Nannies™ has the right and sole discretion to terminate any users account with or without reason. Muslim Nannies™ also reserves the right to prevent access to parts of Muslim Nannies™ with or without notice or reason. If your account is terminated, Muslim Nannies™ is not obligated to inform you. Muslim Nannies™ has the right to notify other users you had contact with notice of your termination.