Temporary Nanny

Your schedule is ever-changing but you have a genuine love for children. When available, you are 100% committed to providing a nurturing and loving environment for your charges. You are at least 18 years old and have 1 -2 years of experience caring for children. Temporary Nannies provide one or more of the following types of care:

Summer Nanny

This is a great opportunity for anyone who loves children and has their summers open such as college students or teachers. Our summer nannies are passionate, energetic and full of creative ideas to keep children engaged during the hot summer days. We encourage candidates to apply as early as March to have ample time to go through our trainings and required certifications. We begin placing summer nannies with families as early as May.

Ramadan Nanny

Ramadan is a busy time for families who are looking to engage more in prayer, reflection and strengthening their faith. Many are up late nights and/or early mornings. Ramadan Nannies make it easy for families by providing care for their children so they can do so peacefully. Candidates are encouraged to apply at least one month prior to the start of Ramadan.

Other Temporary Nanny Services include:

Before and After School
Short Notice Care