Request A Babysitter

Available Only in DC, MD and Northern VA

Monthly Rate

This is the perfect option if you only need an occasional Babysitter. Take a look at our monthly fees below.  There is an additional $5 daily fee for each request that is confirmed.

$10/1 month
$25/3 months
$50/6 months
$85/1 year

Babysitter Rates

Babysitters hired throughMuslim Nannies™  are typically paid the following rates based on their experience and the amount of children that need care:

1 child: $12 – $15/hr
2 children: $15 – $17/hr
3 children: $17 – $19/hr
4 children: $19 – $20/hr
5 children: $20 – $25/hr

Peace of Mind

All of Our Babysitters Have:

At Least 1 Year Experience
At Least 17 Years Old
CPR/First Aid Certification
Passed A Background Check
Attended Muslim Nannies Babysitter Orientation
A Genuine Love for Children