Nanny FAQs – Agency Service

How can I join Muslim Nannies Agency?

Visit our Jobs page and apply for a job you are interested in! If selected to move on to next steps, we will contact you to begin our thorough vetting process! This includes an interview which will be in person or video, and a background and reference check.

How many years of experience must I have to join Muslim Nannies Agency?

We require at least 3 years of verifiable professional Nanny experience that does not include family or friends.

Do I have to be Muslim to join Muslim Nannies Agency?

Absolutely not! Positions through Muslim Nannies are open to all qualified candidates, regardless of their religious or non religious backgrounds.

Do I have to pay to join Muslim Nannies Agency?

No, there is no cost! We just expect our Nannies to be professional, committed and respond in a timely manner when we communicate.

Do I have to be authorized to work in the US?

Yes, All Nannies must be authorized to work in the US and willing to follow applicable tax laws.

Do I have to be Infant and Child CPR/First Aid Certified?

Yes, you do. However if you are not, it is expected you obtain your certification within 2 weeks of employment with a family.

What is the average pay families provide?

Families offer pay that is in line with market rate salaries in their area. In major metropolitan areas, rates typically fall between $18 – $22+/hr. The more qualified and experienced you are, the higher the rate.

Does Muslim Nannies Agency take a percentage of my pay?

Absolutely not! Your pay is yours. Muslim Nannies charges families a fee to use our service, but we never charge our Nannies. Families also pay you directly once hired and you can negotiate your own rate that works best for you and the family. We are also here to help and advocate on your behalf.

Do I have to pay taxes?

Yes, legally you are considered an household employee of the family that hires you. Therefore, you are responsible for taxes such as state, federal, social security, etc as with any Professional job. Have questions? Don’t worry! We can set you up with a free consultation with Nanny tax experts to learn more.

Will my job provide benefits?

Absolutely! It is an industry standard for Nannies to earn vacation, sick/personal time and holidays. Some families provide health insurance stipends, gas reimbursement and public transportation assistance as well! In some states, it is required that Nannies earn benefits. Families that use our agency service, always provide benefits.

How long does it take to place me with a Family?

This answer depends on several factors. You could be placed right away or there may not be a good fit at all. It all depends on what the family is looking for and if you match their needs. Our vetting process is very extensive, so we do encourage you to apply now to not miss out on exciting opportunities!

Do you have a lot of jobs?

Job availability depends on the needs of our families. We encourage you to check back often on our jobs page to view available postings.

How do you screen families? Do you accept everyone?

No, we do not. We are very selective in which families we accept to use our agency service. We thoroughly look over the needs of interested families, learn more about them and then determine if they are a good fit.