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You are looking for a caring, loving and experienced Nanny to care for your little ones. You have come to the right place. Our agency looks forward to serving families like yours and give you peace of mind when entrusting your littles with someone new. Take a moment to review our application criteria + process and submit an application when you’re ready.

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Our standard time frame is an average of 3 – 8 weeks to place a Great Nanny with your family. This process takes time to ensure we place someone that closely matches your needs and is qualified. Unfortunately we cannot provide Nannies ASAP and encourage families to submit their request at least 4 – 6 weeks before their anticipated start date.

Nanny Guidelines

Please take moment to review the guidelines below to help determine if our service is the right fit for your family. Nannies placed through our service look for:

– Part time: minimum of 20 hours per week.
– Full Time: minimum of 30 hours per week.
– Hired as a W-2 Employee (not a 1099/contractor) per IRS Guidelines.
– Benefit Package that includes vacation, sick time and holidays.
– Guaranteed hours – click here to learn more
– Market rate salary (Metropolitan Areas average is $18 – $22/hr).
– Overtime pay for hours over 40/week if live out.

How it works

Complete our online application and we will contact you within 2 – 3 business days to let you know if we are able to accommodate your request. If so, we will set up a 20 minute phone consultation, send over our service agreement and process the nonrefundable $250 search fee that is credited towards your final placement fee.

Getting Started

Family Assessment & Job Listing Approval
We ask you to complete our online family needs assessment, giving us the opportunity to thoroughly learn about your childcare needs. Next we will create a job listing and obtain your approval!

Candidates & Interviews
We strive to provide you with up to 2 – 3 profiles of qualified candidates that closely match your needs and set up interviews with the candidates if you are interested in moving forward. Please note, each family’s needs are different and we do a unique search for each of our families.

Nanny Trial Period & Nanny/Family Agreement
Now it’s time for up to a one week trial period (must be completed within one work week) to see if the Nanny is a great fit for your home and family lifestyle. After this week, you can decide if you would like to hire long term. There is no agency fee for the trial period. Before the trial starts, we will send you our sample Nanny and Family Agreement to complete and then send to the Nanny for review. If all is agreeable you would both sign.

Please note the trial period is different than a probationary period. You can put how long you would like the probationary period to be in the agreement.

Nanny Background Reference & Checks
The trial period is done and you have decided to hire the Nanny! Congratulations! We will now run a background check that covers:

– National Criminal Database
– National Sex Offender Registry
– Social Security Number Verification
– Maiden Name Search
– Address History Check
– County/State Search

For an additional cost, we can also run a more extensive background check that includes driving history, civil litigations, education and employment verification.

In addition, we do an extensive Reference check! We require at least two professional, verifiable references.

Placement Fee

Last Step! Placement Fee
Our one time non refundable placement fee is due. Please see fee structure below:

In DMV (DC, MD, Northern VA) Area
Part Time: 10% of the Nanny’s annual salary or $1500 (whichever is greater).
Full Time: 12% of the Nanny’s annual salary or $3500 (whichever is greater).

Outside DMV Area
Part Time: 13% of the Nanny’s annual salary or $2000 (whichever is greater)
Full Time: 15% of the Nanny’s annual salary or $4000 (whichever is greater)

This placement fee covers admin costs, background check costs, hiring finalization support and our efforts that provided you with a qualified Nanny. This would be due only if you decide to hire a Nanny through our service. If you aren’t pleased with any candidates (even after the trial period), this fee is not due.

Replacement Nanny

Unfortunately, sometimes Nannies don’t work out. We strive to provide you with a one time replacement Nanny at no additional charge if requested during the following windows:

Part Time Nanny: 60 Days
Full Time Nanny: 90 Days


We are still here to support you! If issues arise, we can try our best to help resolve. If you need clarification about anything or need support with updating an agreement, etc.

We are here to help!

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