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Fahima Abdul

Interesting how often what you think will be the easiest transition, is possibly the hardest. Once I found out that I was expecting, I was extremely excited.

Many of us have great expectations, especially when it comes to ourselves. Pregnancy and childbirth would redefine a lot of those expectations for me.

For one, I thought I would be able to bounce back into my regular self & flow of things pretty fast, I mean you have the baby and your normal again…right?


Having a baby takes A LOT out of you, emotionally, mentally and physically. It feels as if you are starving of yourself and then begins the slow process of healing, but along with that comes sleep deprivation, latching on issues and colic. So again the healing doesn’t come single handed, it is presented with motherhood beginnings.

Fahima Abdul

One of the most challenging parts for me was getting back into my regular routine in how I present myself..I have never been the sweatpants kind of girl. I enjoy playing around with colours, textures and prints. I would go as far as saying that it is a crucial part of who I am but having a baby and breastfeeding exclusively made that harder. Often you find yourself in the easy quick outfits but they do not make you confident or happy. Contrary to popular belief how you feel about your body after childbirth is important, and coming from a styling background I know how wearing the right clothing vs the wrong clothing can influence body image issues.

So the first time I hit this realization that I had not been doing myself any justice and had became okay with feeling sluggish and very bluh about my body was a couple of weeks before my sweet friends bridal shower. I struggled more than ever to find a dressy outfit because I had surrounded myself in dreary clothing. So i’m here to rescue you with a few fashionable motherhood tricks I have found to work best for me.

  1. Oversized Dusters
Fahima AbdulFahima Abdul

Duster jackets/coats are a great way to add colour and elegance to a very simple outfit. They are perfect for spring/fall weather because they are a light Out-wear option. Your outfit could be as simple as a basic top and some leggings. I find dusters to be very slimming especially when left open to drape over whatever ensemble you think appropriate for your day. Dusters can be found on ASOS & Boohoo.

  1.  Shirt Dresses
Fahima AbdulFahima Abdul

I am a sucker for shirt dresses especially if you’re looking for a modest ultimative to a shirt. I think they are perfect for breastfeeding moms on the go and when paired with leather trousers, leggings or jeggings etc they still provide a fashionable but functional option. Shirt dresses can be found on ASOS, H&M & Topshop.

  1. Palazzo/ Wide leg Pants.
Fahima Abdul

I find these a great option if you’re looking for comfort and style. You can tuck in a nice loose T-shirt and then pair it with a oversized shirt of your choice. Quick and effortless. This will take you no longer that 10/15mins to put together & allow you to spend more time on your mummy duties. ASOS, Zara & Mango do a great range of wide leg pants especially in cotton.

  1. Checked Button down shirts.
Fahima Abdul

I LOVE checked shirts right now, I mean this is self explanatory. Add a choker, oversized denim or leather jacket, leggings & your fierce comfortable boots and you are on your way to being the rockstar mom you’ve always dreamed of. Zara, H&M and Topshop have a great selection of checked or buttoned down shirts.

Fahima Abdul

I think this is the best tip to end the post, carrying your fave lipstick is the best way to accessorize any cute outfit.

Love Always,

Fahima Abdul

About Fahima

Fahima Abdul

Fahima is a 26 year old Modest Fashion Stylist & Blogger. Her style and out-look is deeply influenced by her Faith, Experiences & East African Heritage. She has styled at DC fashion Week & Canada International Modest Fashion and Design Festival (IMFDF) from Hakeemah Cummings (CMB). Visit Fahima’s Instagram and Blog!

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